1 or 2 day programs start at $795

Day 1: Approximately 3 hours

  • Introduction and program requirements

  • Trainer pre-test

  • Gather any site specific information.

  • Review of applicable regulations and industry standards

  • Classroom and practical instructional techniques

  • Equipment pre-use inspection (hands-on)

  • Practical training skills

  • Driving course set-up

  • Practical training exercises (hands-on)

  • Building a class

  • Certify the new trainer on up to 2 types of forklift **

Day 2: Approximately 3 hours

  • Operator Practical Evaluation Review

  • Documentation/certification requirements

  • Practical evaluation Trainer test (Hands-on)

  • Finish site & equipment-specific training

  • Master Trainer theory test

  • Operator re-certification procedures

  • Program review and wrap-up

  • 1 DVD in English

Additional options to the program:

  • Customized wallet cards and certificates with company logo.

  • Our Instructor being present for the first training.

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Forklift Type
An example of a qualified trainer would be a person who by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or “who by extensive knowledge, training, and experience has demonstrated the ability to train and evaluate powered industrial truck operators.”
— osha.gov